A person with magnetic personality

When certain individuals enter a business meeting or join a party in progress, they seem to exude a palpable sense of self-confidence and positive energy. Others may be instinctively drawn to such a person because of an nearly indefinable quality known as a magnetic personality. A person blessed, or in some cases cursed, with a magnetic personality may not be the most physically attractive or best dressed in the room, but his or her personality and natural charisma makes him or her more compelling to be around.

A person with a truly magnetic personality does not have to be the “life of the party” or the “class clown” in order to attract attention. Instead, he or she may say very little in the way of idle conversation or chit-chat. What a person with a magnetic personality does best is make everyone he or she interacts with feel empowered or validated. The positive energy and the selfless interest in the other party makes someone with a magnetic personality very popular indeed.

This is not to suggest that a person with a magnetic personality is necessarily comfortable in the role or will always use this ability for good. Some charismatic people can find themselves overwhelmed in public by people who want to feed off their positivity. It is not unusual to see someone with a magnetic personality distance himself or herself from large crowds. Many professional entertainers with magnetic personalities must arrange for extra security measures when making public appearances because they have become too popular to interact with fans.

Certain politicians could also be said to possess magnetic personalities. Many people who have met former president Bill Clinton, for example, speak of his ability to connect with everyone in a room. Part of the reason for a public figure’s success can often be traced directly to having a magnetic personality. When such a charming or charismatic person makes a request or asks others to take action, many people find themselves willing to fulfill those requests without question.

A magnetic personality can be used for less-than-stellar purposes, however. Many religious cult leaders such as the Reverend Jim Jones, as well as criminal masterminds such as Charles Manson, used their charisma and magnetic personalities to manipulate others. A person possessing a magnetic personality often feels an obligation to use it sparingly in order to avoid becoming too self-important or too controlling of others who lack his or her self-esteem and self-confidence.

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